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After installing Zen kernel, and running from GRUB, I always get stuck on “Reached target Graphical Interface”. After following another forum, I entered the commands: ‘sudo pacman -Syu’ and ‘sudo pacman -S nvidia-dkms’ into the terminal and at first all went well. As it was installing nvidia-dkms, I restarted my PC as I thought it was frozen, but now when I try to re-run the commands, I’m met with “error: failed to synchronise all databases (unable to lock databases)” after running the first command, and “error: could not lock database: File exists” after running the second. I’m a complete newbie when it comes to Linux, and desperately need help… I just need to get endeavor working again, so I can enjoy video games.

You need to also install the package “linux-zen-headers”.

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I have, I’ve correctly installed the kernel I’m sure, but honestly have no clue what to do next.


The linux-zen-headers packages is needed so that nvidia-dkms can build a kernel module so that your graphical environment is able to start.

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What would I enter into the terminal for this?"Failed_to_init_transaction_(unable_to_lock_database)"_error

Help yourself to ArchWiki where you will find the answer to most of your questions.


If your graphical environment doesn’t load, you can still switch to a tty.

  1. Press: ctrl+alt+f3
  2. Login: with you username and password.
  3. Install the headers package and reinstall the kernel as well: sudo pacman -S linux-zen-headers linux-zen
  4. Reboot your system and your graphical environment should load this time: sudo reboot
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