Linux-rt doesn't boot

I built a computer yesterday, and installed EndeavourOS on it. As a music producer, the first thing that I did was install the Linux-RT realtime kernel. I ran sudo update-grub and rebooted. Grub listed linux-rt (hooray!), but when I select it, it leaves me at a blinking underscore… That’s unfortunate. When I select the regular kernel, it boots like normal. Like I said, this is a brand new EndeavourOS installation, so does anyone know why it doesn’t work out of the box? My other computers run Linux-RT without issue. Thanks for any help!

The most common reason would be a needed kernel module missing. Often this is caused by using the nvidia module but it could be something else.

The easiest solution is to switch from a normal module to a dkms module. For example, if you were using nvidia, replace it with nvidia-dkms

However, we would need more info to help.

If you aren’t using nvidia, sharing the results of inxi -Fxxxz would be a good place to start,

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Thanks for the reply. You’re right that it’s my first time installing EnOS with nvidia drivers. I’ve installed nvidia-dkms and Linux-rt now works, but now my ethernet cable no longer detects internet… I guess progress is progress, though.

Again, inxi -Fxxxz would help us troubleshoot but a guess would be the r8168 module also needs to be converted to the dkms version.

I was mistaken. It won’t boot linux-rt. Apparently realtime kernels simply are not compatible with nvidia drivers. I’ve googled around quite a lot and have found people complaining about it for a decade. I guess I’ll just have to decide between using my GPU or having realtime privileges. Oh well, thanks for the help anyways. I’m only posting this in case someone stumbles across it in the future, wondering the same thing. This world is not yet ready for Linux music producers and gamers :rofl:

There is zen kernel and xanmod and for gaming “gamemode” fixes everything :upside_down_face:

are you sure about that? i’m pretty positive i have an rt-kernel on a laptop with a nvidia gpu and i definitely have in the past. i swap between zen and rt depending on what i’m doing with audio work and devices but i’m on all AMD on my desktop. zen really handles great though, i really only use the rt for certain processing with video, audio, and midi setups working simultaneously to cut down on xrun possibilities.