Linux Native Project Managment & Product Managment App

Hello everyone,

I am interested in contributing to the Linux App eco system for a missing application.
(the engineering logic, if you don’t like something build a better version of it).
as I linux user I am OpenSuse (KDE), Arch (XFCE) / EndeavourOS (GNOME) with KDE as core DE.

I am planning to build a simpler desktop version with app to app sync features like Asana or Jira.
intended for small free and open source projects for project & product management for small teams to be useful guide for daily or weekly standup meetings with agile and scrum as a methodology in mind.

anyone interested is welcome to join (DM me your email to send invite or join via the link tomorrow), project will become available from tomorrow 4.12.2020 and I already have many Linux users interested in helping out (since I plan to have a live demo at May the Forth next year).

The end product will always be Free and Open Source and with Linux as Native platform in mind, if we can make it work on Windows or MacOS via for example ElentronJS or any similar multi platform framework, but Linux will be priority and. I will never allow corporate monetization for this project / app.

I have 20+ years IT software development experience and close to 10 years experience as team leader, hence i am confident I can build a wonderful product for the Linux and Open Source Community. anyone interested I can send over LinkedIn and other professional details in case you wanna check it.

Have a good day and a wonderful weekend ahead.
Kind Regards, Alex.


post update: any useful suggestions or input based on Linux experience is welcome and appreciated.

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Im no coder :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: but look like a promessing project …if you take a reflection like projects like gnome. They try to follow any language what current upcomming is like web rust java etc… its sure dificult to find people that can work in his area of practice i will notify a friend mayby he would like to follow

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I have found many former team mates that left Apple for Linux and we started working on this, anyone interested please DM me and I can provide instructions on how to join.we have more people then we needed and anyone will be welcome to join as tester or to help. No need to share anything for know since more active development will continue after Hanukkah and Christmas, start of January 2021.
as I said before it will be strictly open source project without any business profit interest in mind, we are doing it for us primary, I am doing it for me and sharing our work with the open source community.