Linux-lts not installing network driver

When installing the linux-lts kernel, the r8168-lts driver is not installed.
Might be the reason there is no network interface when booting the lts kernel.

as not everyone will need this driver you need to install manually, same for some others like Nvidia driver, some packages needs to be builded against the kernel in use to work.


Then I wonder what else the lts kernel does not inherit from the default kernel install.
It’s obviously not one-on-one then.

it is indeed one on one, the r8168 or nvidia driver will not be installed if you install the main kernel the same…
you nee dto do this manually, on EndeavourOS install we install some common drivers per default, but this is only for the ISo itself and fresh installed systems to work properly, configuration is on the user then :wink:


Just to add a little more information around what @joekamprad is saying.

The installer installs the linux kernel package and some commonly used kernel modules for that kernel.

EndeavourOS doesn’t have a kernel management tool that automatically detects which modules you need when you install a different kernel. If you need kernel modules, you need to install those modules packages yourself when you install the kernel.

As an alternative, dkms modules are often available which should work with most kernels.


There is r8168-lts for the lts kernel or you could use the dkms version r8168-dkms.

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Hello ; i’m noob. I install r8168-dkms from AUR/git but i sill cant remove the regular kernel. I only want to use the -LTS one and both are one my -old- machine.
I try to do it wih AKM but I have this answer : “la suppression de linux casse la dépendance « linux » requise par r8168”
My laptop is an old Lenovo Flex 2-15 and works like a charm with EndeavourOS, kernell updates (the regular one) are useless for me and way too fast.
Thanks in advance

You should remove the r8168-dkms and use the r8168 instead for the regular kernel. Then install the r8168-lts for the lts kernel.

Edit: If that works you should be able to remove the regular kernel.

Thanks ricklinux ; work great. What I did : remove manualy r8168-dkms and r8168. Reinstall r8168-lts and then I can remove regular kernel with AKM

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Normally you would use the dkms module because when there are new kernel versions it automatically rebuilds the kernel images for the module. So trying to remove it when it requires it makes it not want to.