Linux-lqx bpf errors on update to 5.10

Have rolled back to 5.9, but was getting these errors on boot. Can’t see them in my logs. Laptop appears to boot OK, but as I am on btrfs, I thought it safer to downgrade.

Anyone else on lqx? What do the mean? Am going to reinstall to get a picture of them later, my phone was not to hand.

Sorry for the delay:


Manjaro kernels are suffering similar problems, looks like a rebuild is needed.

Just out of curiosity:
Why are you using the liquorix kernel? It has he same patches as the zen kernel. And linux-zen can be found in “extra” repo. Or is there any extra benefit of the liquorix kernel?


liquorix applies small changes and upstream backports to the kernel source.
These are split up into separated patches addressing individual problems.
Each of the patch files contains a description and mentions the author. The
patches can be found at:

Purely subjectively it feels faster and snappier. I tried both.

What could that be if kernel and patches are the same? But I get from your answer that you did not do benchmarks. I guess that explains it. Thanks.

My apologize for hijacking this thread for a lqx/zen disucssion.

I have investigated further and found that lqx and zen do NOT share all patches. This is contradicting the message on the liquorix/debian webpage.

The linux-lqx package comes with the MuQSS process scheduler which is a fundamental difference to the zen kernel. This can certainly explain why the linux-lqx feels faster and snappier.

linux-lqx 5.10.3 is running just fine on my PC. Although that info might not really help you.

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Thanks, that was not the version I had, installing now. BRB.