Linux Dual Boot

Not new to Linux, but I have a dual drive dual boot with Solus and EOS. The bios and gparted see both drives on a legacy system. I’m trying to get grub to see both operating systems. In the past all I had to do is update grub on Debian based systems. The instructions I have found for Arch have not been particularly clear so far or assume I know how to perform a task that I’ve not done. Any step by step help would be appreciated.

You may have this on your EndeavourOS disk in /etc/default/grub:


Simply uncomment it if you are using EndeavourOS grub in charge.

No change in grub after shutdown and reboot.Since I’ve not booted Solus yet I’m going to try another operating system on that drive. I’ll report back when done. Thanks !

Did you update the Grub configuration by running: … before reboot?

sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

Yes, still no grub option for solus.

Do you have os-prober installed?

Does running the following list Solus partition?

sudo os-prober

Doesn’t Solus use systemd-boot?

If so, you could use systemd-boot to chainload Grub’s bootloader:

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