Linux command Line Cheat Sheet

I thought I would post a web page that has some Linux commands - it’s from also includes commands for Ruby, Python, etc. Where EndeavourOS is gaining new users, figured it couldn’t hurt to post the web page and maybe save some headaches for new users.

Wasn’t quite sure where to post this. So if it doesn’t belong here, one of the monitors are more than welcome to move it to where it’s suppose to belong.


Very useful links to some useful cheat sheets. Thank you.

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Thank You @ve9cbc there is also Git so many others ! It’s well done. :artificial_satellite:

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Very useful, and well done, thanks for the information.

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These are not quite the same as cheat sheets but are very useful along similar lines.

A man page , acronym of man ual page , is a software documentation found in all Unix-like operating systems. Some man pages are short; some are comprehensive. A man page is divided into several parts, organized with headings for each section, such as NAME, SYNOPSIS, CONFIGURATION, DESCRIPTION, OPTIONS, EXIT STATUS, RETURN VALUE, ERRORS, ENVIRONMENT, FILES, VERSIONS, CONFORMING TO, NOTES, BUGS, EXAMPLE, AUTHORS, and SEE ALSO.

Sometimes, I find it really time-consuming when I wanted to learn a practical example of a given Unix command using man pages . So, I started to look for some good alternatives to man pages which are focused on mostly examples, skipping all other comprehensive text parts. Thankfully, there are some really good alternatives out there. In this tutorial, we will be discussing 5 alternatives to man pages for Unix-like operating systems.


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