Linux- Arcolinux

I love the passion of the person behind ArcoLinux, seems to be a great and very knowledgeable guy!

But just for me personally and of course subjectively, learning the Arch install going directly to the hands-on way was 100% easier than trying to make sense of that website. After 5 minutes you just give up, haha!

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The installer screen is the same as the website. Just way too much on it IMHO.

Totally confusing, it is like entering one of those circus mirror rooms. And from what I hear, there are now two ArcoLinux websites, both equally vertigo-inducing, you have to relate to in order to follow the steps.

If you play the whole thing in reverse, it would like a 12-step Linux Addicts Anonymous program.

Yeah I have tried to figure out the right image but that website is just super confusing :smiley:

Yes, that is right.
Now I have MiniPC with EOS, Printer-connection throu Ethernet
and 3 Notebooks with Manjaro and WLAN connection to printer.
Thai is OK.
If I have Time, later, try once again to solve problem (EOS - WLAN - Printer):
EOS is the best system, my opinion.

I simply chose the largest ISO they had available but didn’t opt to install “all” the apps it came with. A bigger struggle than the website or installer was getting my XFCE configuration just how I liked. A lot of things were erased. If it weren’t for ArcoLinux I would have never gotten to grips with the XFCE update. Although I did miss how I set up EndeavourOS before I changed to KDE for “Cassini”.

Distro hopping / usage is somehow similar to walking on stepping stones in a lake or river. Or is it rock-climbing?

I’m glad I’m not the only one confused by the website :stuck_out_tongue: I thought I just didn’t have the right amount of brain cells to comprehend what was going on

I don’t even like the installer splash screen as it has too much on it also. I could see putting some of this stuff on the Welcome screen. But not needed on the installer. :thinking: