Linux and Murphy's law

Hello guys,
Last weekend, my sister called. She had a problem copying some data from an external HDD, Windows just gave an error message and forced to check that disk for errors.

Well, I walked her through by phone, guided how to make a live USB. All good, the data was copied in live mode by using that live USB.

She was delighted with Linux, she loved the speed and experience. Sunday in the evening, she called again. At the verge of tears, she said that she spent all afternoon doing some specialized dissertation on a obscure topic in stomatology using LibreOffice in live mode using Lnux and she moved the laptop in such a way that the charger’s cable disconnected from the mains plug and laptop shut down.

So no way I can recover that data she created in live mode and didn’t saved to a fixed storage. She said:" I thought Linux can do better and surpass Windows".

Before anything, she was angry at something and that happened to be Linux, not her.
She admitted that she was to blame after a while, but she wouldn’t touch Linux again.

How to even start to remediate this situation?
If something can go wrong, It will, at the worst time possible.


Just wait until the next time she is frustrated with Windows and then try again.


Having a goo backup whether local or cloud-based is very very important (and even mandatory) for all work-related stuff.
I can’t even imagine if I lose a week’s work or any important document. It can happened regardless of OS

This happens every time you try to help someone and when something goes wrong it’s usually your fault. Stuff happens! Been there done that. :neutral_face:

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I’ve been a software developer for almost 40 years. (Yikes!) Rule 1 of dealing with any bug report is isolating whether or not it’s your component that had the issue in the first place.

You should have warned her about how live usb works and what are it’s limitations as responsible Linux user :laughing::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I did, sort of.
Nevertheless, that happened. And she admitted that she was “charmed” by the looks of Cinnamon and started to try the software, using LibreOffice.

She said that she wanted to save that document, but she simply forgot, typing away and thinking that she was using her laptop as usual in default mode -Windows+Word.

I hope that not all is lost and things would sort out, and she will be back on the 'Let’s try Linux"track.
She needs a better notebook anyway, I plan to wipe and install Linux on the actual laptop (Dell N14z)

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Shouldn’t take long… :rofl:


can happen also the other way around… like for me I was getting a PC with Windows on it in the early times … it was my first Computer and I start playing with it… not for long as i decided I want to compress drive C: to get more space available… after reboot, there was no way to get into windows again… and the CD to install windows? it was indeed scratched and would not install again… so what else I could do?
Find a PC magazine with a Linux CD inside and installed that… and? never gone back to windows :wink:


Not sure if it operates the same way on a live session, but LibreOffice can be set to autosave at desired intervals. If I recall correctly, the default is around 10 minutes. A feature that has ‘saved’ me several times. Most live sessions are purely to try out linux and hardware compatibility, not production work. The path of true love is seldom smooth.

I found Linux in a similar way, couldn’t get my computer to work and couldn’t afford to get it repaired was looking at books in the library and one of them had a Fedora install disk, occasionally went back but only for gaming and would normally duel boot