🐧 Linux 6 soon in a repository near you

So, as is hopefully clear to everybody, the major version number
change is more about me running out of fingers and toes than it is
about any big fundamental changes.

Linus Torvalds


So it’s available for at least one hour and still not in the Arch repos? I’m disappointed! Bleeding edge, lol! I think I switch to Debian soon.



They are right on it



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I’ve been waiting over 10 years for this day. :star_struck:

It runs great.

Been running my ws on it for a while now - rebuilt to rc7 two days ago.

So… when is it going to hit stable? I just downloaded the kernel and want to compile it. But don’t want to do so if it hits the repo this weekend…

Also if I install and compile myself the kernel, is it easy to remove, just using sudo pacman -Rs kernelversion?

Depends on how you installed. If you downloaded from kernel.org, AFAIK you need to run this to uninstall:

sudo make uninstall

If you use AUR / PKGBUILD, then you use pacman.

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That’s easy, thanks! Yes that’s the method I downloaded it, following arch wiki… Haven’t compiled yet. How long does that take?

I’ve been running 6.0.0-zen1-1-zen since when it got into Testing.
Everything works fine as if it were an stable one.

  Info: 8-core model: AMD Ryzen 7 4800U with Radeon Graphics bits: 64

I am just looking for driver bug fixes for newer hardware…

I would try the Testing kernel.
Have another one installed to fall back on in case things break badly.

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Honestly i don’t think there will be any noticeable performance difference. It only has newer code and features for newer hardware etc and or fixes for bugs and or hardware issues known previously. I’m sure there are some newer features that would impact performance depending on the hardware and what is being done but not sure i would notice. I find that everything just works well and if doesn’t then i know that there is an issue. Sometimes when there are updates to mesa for instance then i would notice say in v-box. I have used v-box long enough to know when it’s not working well. This is just one example as it could be something other also. Just like Gnome I’m sure you are used to how it performs and when you start getting glitches you know something is up.

By the way, are you following this article:



I did this a couple of days ago and it took ca 40 min. to compile plus you would need to do some stuff manually.

I was following this


But haven’t installed it yet, didn’t have time to go through all the commands yet.

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So, as is hopefully clear to everybody, the major version number
change is more about me running out of fingers and toes than it is
about any big fundamental changes.

– Linus Torvalds

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Isn’t that method for compiling the kernel from Arch Linux packages using the Git interface and not for the code from kernel.org?

For compiling the code from kernel.org, I think you need to follow the instructions in the link I posted above.

Not sure though. The Arch Build System might work for the code from kernel.org as well?

Ah yes ,

But of course there’s a lot of various changes in 6.0 - we’ve got over
15k non-merge commits in there in total, after all, and as such 6.0 is
one of the bigger releases at least in numbers of commits in a while.

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Still learning but to my understanding it just git pulled the kernel packages and I can build it on my system. Will have to study more…

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Is this on your machine with the nvidia gpu? Im really curious how it works for you.

its on the Ryzen 9 and AMD GPU… Lenovo legion 7s


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