Linux 5.18 Kernel PSA for RAID users

Some of you might have come across my posting about 5.18 kernel causing issues with one of my existing raid arrays here Can’t mount array after update to 5.18 kernel

It looks like it wasn’t only me as there is now a thread on the Arch forums here: Raid1 not booting with 5.18 kernel and included in that discussion is a link to a bug report with archlinux: FS#74888 - [linux] kernel 5.18.0: LVM volume on RAID10 based PV does not mount

If you are using mdadm and software raid arrays, you might want to be watchful when you update to the 5.18 kernel.


Kernel panics, wifi issues, RAID issues, nvme SSD drive issues, the new 5.18 has seen quite a few issues with some users. The problems aren’t all widespread, so it really just depends on your setup. As for myself I didn’t experience any of these known issues, but everyone’s hardware is different, so your mileage will vary.

If you’re curious for more discussion about the issues I mentioned above (Reddit links fyi):

Kernel panic
Wifi issue
RAID issue
nvme SSD issue

Edit: it’s always advisable to use the LTS kernel, unless you need the latest kernel for your specific hardware setup (this isn’t directed at you @MrToddarama so much as I’m just putting it out there for any other users to note). In case you don’t already have the LTS, you may use EndeavourOS akm app or run:

sudo pacman -S linux-lts linux-lts-headers


it’s always advisable to use the LTS kernel

@Scotty_Trees - that’s good advice. I tend to use the latest packages from the testing repos, but I also keep the LTS kernel and headers installed and have a grub boot option set up for LTS.