Linux 5.10 LTS Will Only Be Maintained Until EOY 2022 Unless More Companies Step Up


I want to see companies using the kernel, and most importantly, updating their devices with it, to know if it is worth to keep around for longer than 2 years. I also, hopefully, want to see how those companies will help me out in the testing and maintenance of that kernel version in order to make supporting it for 6 years actually possible. So, are you planning on using 5.10? Will you will be willing to help out in testing the -rc releases I make to let me know if there are any problems, and to help in pointing out and backporting any specific patches that your platforms need for that kernel release? When I get this kind of promises and support from companies, then I am glad to bump up the length of the kernel support from 2 to 6 years, and I mark it on the web site. Traditionally this happens in February/March once I hear from enough companies.


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Interesting … I kind of agree lts should be longer than 2 years or whats the point?

Apparently not enough people/companies are willing to testdrive the rc-kernels. So it’s kind of understandable from his perspective. Maybe?

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Isn’t he just clarifying the process that every LTS kernel goes through since the introduction of the extended support concept?

It is normal for an LTS kernel to have a shortened support period until a few months after release when it gets extended.


This is normal. The EOL of an LTS kernel is a moving target. It gets prolonged if need be. E.g. if enough Linux distributions ask for it.

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The 5.10 LTS kernel being officially LTS supported for 2 years presents a problem:

why would anyone select a 5.10 kernel with 2 year LTS when 5.4 kernel has a 6 year LTS.

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So he will be just waiting to have “more eyes” on the rc-releases before he extend the support?

Traditionally this happens in February/March once I hear from enough companies.

Because he has hardware which is only supported with 5.10 and not with 5.4.

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I know that… I’m just pointing out what he said.

Edit: It’s like he’s thinking out loud asking the question?

Again, this is normal and nothing to worry about but the obvious reason would be because you needed hardware support that isn’t available in 5.4

It is just corporate politics. He wants a commitment from those companies before he makes a commitment.


We are not going to lose an LTS kernel in the foreseeable future. There is no need to be upset.


Still not enough commitments it seems:

As of this point in time (February 3, 2021), I do not have enough committments by companies to help out with this effort to be able to say I can do this for 6 years right now (note, no response yet from the company that originally asked this question…) Hopefully that changes soon, and if it does, the release page will be updated with the new date.