This is not really a rant. More like a subtle protest…
Removing/not having a way to dislike a comment contradicts reality. Thinking of it that way one can understand why so many flock to it. Its a panacea; an environment of peace and tranquility. Seems like most social media forums have adopted this all inclusive outlook of disregarding the negative for the sake of civility, and inclusion. It is a stark contrast to real life. Interestingly, I wonder how many would use a dislike button if it were available. It would be interesting to hear this forums “powers that be” rational for not having a dislike button for posts.


I’d offer that if one dislikes something, they are free to express that with clear reasoning, in text.

Reducing dislikes to an emote arguably, lacks courage, and doesn’t foster healthy sharing of ideas.


:rage: :angry: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :skull: :poop: :face_vomiting: :nauseated_face: :shushing_face: :no_entry: :no_entry_sign: :radioactive: :biohazard: :x:


That’s the world of today. Everyone gets trophies. It’s not PC to dislike anything. So they don’t let you most of the time.

My argument is that having a like button and not a dislike button is out of balance. It is a false premise.

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Perhaps because if someone agrees with you, they are largely saying “ditto” to your point. The point is made.

Disagreeing however, requires elaboration. The point isn’t yet made, so make it.


What “like” button? There isn’t one. If you’re talking about the heart image at the bottom of posts, I never considered that a button, let alone a “like” button. Hovering over it offers various emojis. Many of which convey “dislike” just fine.


I can agree with that. They could make a dialog box appear if the dislike button is pushed. Then the reason for the dislike can be stated. Not to make it too convoluted, but at least all can see the reasoning behind the dislike. The same could be for the like button actually. IMO that would make for a more fulfilling conversation.

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what’s wrong with the poop emoji? it’s blunt.
also there are a lot of emojis in the arsenal at Endeavour that convey “I call BS” or skepticism…why are you tethered to the word “dislike”—lots of ways to get that across.

also I would not use it if it was available. It shows no imagination and conveys massive knee-jerk or worse, virtue-signaling, which makes my skin crawl (all piousness does). In real life I avoid that. EDIT: ignoring poster also pretty effective, so is walking away. I worry about adding to the bad juju
2 cents cause you asked.


I would rather say the words than to use a picture to show a general reaction. The picture is not giving the real reason for the dislike. Its vague, and uninteresting. See i could have give you a poop emojie, but instead I stated my reasoning in plain english.

fair enough. it’s just a graphic of a pile of poop :slight_smile:

How can you say that? It’s so happy :poop:

And for the dislike not to be specific. Neither is the like. sometimes it’s obvious, but often the reason to like a post can have multiple explanations just as a dislike.

But we don’t force someone to explain his like, why would we need that for a dislike. Can someone not express he dislikes something without being forced to elaborate on that?

We just had it recently in this post where people freaked out and and came along with assumptions and accusations just because someone used an emoji that didn’t convey approval.

I’m fine with someone using an emoji to show he does not like something, but I’d rather not have him explain and elaborate on that in a lighthearted topic like that one.

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re-read myself 3 times and nowhere do I advocate for excess verbiage/explanation to take the place of a hypothetical ‘dislike’ button so not sure where that came from but a forum is often a subjective animal. I was just advocating for a different emoji or something original to show disgust.

that said my pathetically small social media prescence extends to one more place, unrelated to this, in which exists a ‘thumbs down’ button exists. In 8 years I probably used it twice. It’s usually when someone barges into a place, disrespects everything from top to bottom, trashes everybody. and swears excessively. Can’t say I had any guilt.
But I let that person control my emotions and there’s something wrong with that.
I loved what you had to say, and your funny view of things. I can abide.

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Emojie may have the ability to convey a general feeling; like or dislike. But to allow like and not dislike is a form of censor for the sake of snow flake type mentalities. I understand how the undeveloped mind of youth can interpret dislikes. But to have likes without dislikes is falseness. Thats not real life. And wouldnt you know it. It has bled into society in different ways…

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There are already ways people use the react system for the purpose of expressing disapproval. The poop emote, the face vomitting emote or the rolling eyes emote are the ones that come in my mind. I do believe that adding a -1/thumbs down emote won’t hurt, though.


With all due respect emojies were the ones that were “added” to discourse. They never taught that in school when I went. I think in attempt to reinvent the wheel emojies all of a sudden popped up. They had a saying when I was younger I never hear anymore. I may disagree with you but I will defend to the death your right to say it. Its the hallmark of free speech. That sentiment has devolved to a few emojies. What a sad commentary.

I am honestly not even sure what you’re saying. You are critical of emojis?

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What exactly are you missing? Icons like :-1: or :poop: are dislike icons. What else are you missing?


But you can’t react with a :-1: to the posts and I guess that’s the deal.

To me it’s not a big deal anyway, we’ve got already too much negativity outside the forum. And if one really wants to express discontent, there are other emojis but where’s the :saluting_face: react when you need it sometimes…