Lightdm webkit2 sway problem

Hi all,

I installed Endeavouros sway Edition and continued by also installing the Bspwm aswell.

I then converted the system from grub to systemd-boot. So far everything works.

I then decided to pimp lightdm with lightdm-webkit-theme-litarvan witch is an Webkit2 LightDM theme.
It seems to work but when logging in to Sway it stays loged in about a minute or two and then log you out/crash I dunno. Login to Bspwm works as supposed.

Anyone seen this before?

Best regards,

I’ve seen you do this twice now. EndEAvourOS, not “au”.
It’s in the URL ffs…

Dont think thats the issue. But thanks.

good start point " " arch wiki help most problem . worth read :blush:

True, but cant find this issue there.