Lightdm login screen difference between startup and resume


I just installed the last EOS ISO with the “default”… xfce and EOS theme… so lightdm was there by default too.

I notice that when I launch the computer, at startup, the user login screen is all “new”, blurry background and password field on the left side… while when I put the machine to sleep and resume it, it’s the “old” login screen, regular background and password field in the middle of the screen…

Well, first of all, is this behavior “wanted” in Atlantis Neo?
And… do you know how could I tune this up ?

Cheers !

these are two different things, the greeter is to login to your DE and what you see after sleep is the lock-screen while DE is running already.

If you want them both look the same you can switch greeter to lightdm-gtk-greeter what will look similar. because it uses gtk theme for the prompt.


What you see is the lock screen which is a gtk UI. The login screen is different and users the slick greeter which looks different from the vanilla LightDM screen. You change the login screen to gtk greeter like @joekamprad said both lock screen and login screen would look the same.


It makes so much sense now! :sweat_smile:

Thank you so much guys :upside_down_face: and happy Holidays and merry Christmas to you !

Cheers !!

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