LightDM fails to start on LTS (6.1.21) Kernel

Whenever I try to boot into linux 6.1.21 (and on 6.1.20 before it was updated yesterday) lightdm will fail to startup.

GPU: RTX 3060Ti
CPU: Intel 13600K

drivers: nouvaeu

journalctl -b output:

Screenshots show:

  1. What I see on boot
  2. the output of `lightdm --test-mode --debug

Any ideas on what could have caused this and what to test next?
I’m considering downgrading mesa/switching to proprietary drivers/regenerating Xauthority, but I’d rather not do any rash actions since I don’t fully understand why it’s erroring out.

I can start up on 6.2.7 but the system feels “laggier” if that makes sense.


  1. Switch to nvidia proprietary drivers
  2. Use ibt=off option since I have a new gen intel cpu

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Glad you resolved your LightDM problem.


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