LightDM doesn‘t accept user password after live USB recovery

So I broke my pacman and in order to fix it, I booted into live USB, mounted my partition and ran pacstrap /mnt base

After booting back into my installation, LightDM would not accept my user account password. I logged into root instead (with the same password).

From there I could su into my user account and weirdly enough, sudo from within that did accept my password. passwd resets did not change anything. How do I analyze the problem and how do I get back into my account?

Edit: this is actually not only LightDM, even TTY. But su with password works fine. I also get no errors, it only says wrong password.

From your root login, try typing:

faillock --user youraccthere

If you see your account listed:, repeat but add:

faillock --user youraccthere --reset

That was a good suggestion, but unfortunately it is not listed and the second command has no effect.

Okay, I fixed it: I had to change back my shell from fish to bash. When I wanted to change back I got

chsh: Warning: „/bin/fish“ is not listed in /etc/shells.

Reinstalling fish did the trick

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The two commas there look suspicious. No idea what happened. Something didn’t go cleanly though.

You may have other problems with fish as your shell. It’s not POSIX compliant, so some scripts may not run. Fish would be ok to run as a terminal app from DE or WM though.