Liftoff for the net-installer!

It is at least released. I’m glad I was able to help with some testing ISO. Let’s go for a ride, now :smiley:


Downloaded and seeding the torrent. Let’s see what we’ve got!




Seeding aswell. DL took 3 minutes, with 6 peers. :slightly_smiling_face:

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FYI - If you are having issues testing this in VirtualBox I was able to get around loading the ISO by disabling 3d acceleration. Here are my settings:


The solution for the last VirtualBox to get 256Mo with VboxSVGA is here

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Promises made, Promises kept.

Good work and effort EndeavourOS team and helpers.

p,s. fun to see Eric Adams here – see him weekly on Big Daddy Linux


I am testing the new installer on vmware to see how it performs. From the code viewed on github it is done properly. Congratulations guys.


Download from Alpix mirror from France very fast. Here the minimum speed, and lot often at 1.1Mo/s. :rocket:



1GB fiber. I don’t notice the difference at all.


We don’t play at the same level, I’m still on ADSL, they are still building the Fiber in the city… :raised_hand:

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The important thing is that the fiber bring it to your city. Because today we are interconnected and the requested connection speed is always higher.

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I’ve been lurking. :smile: I bug Bryan from time to time on Telegram but I’ve been lax in participating on the forum. I’ll try to jump in more often. :+1:

I’m on vacation with a slooooooow connection. I miss my 500 MB connection. :grin:


From Germany this looks like this :wink:
And the second one is the Github download - just for comparison. :wink:

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I noticed that the service of the open-vm-tools the first time you do the restart must be forced with a restart at the new login. This is due to the fact that systemd’s ability to something does not make it run properly. I think it’s a systemd problem with open-vm-tools. I will try to understand what afflicts him and in case I release the patch.


Dear Bryan,

For a particular reason I need to re-install EndeavourOS onto one of my computers. As I am writing this, I am downloading (via Torrent) the new installer.

I do not want the programs eos-welcome, eos-update-notifier, and reflector-auto on this computer (I do not have them on any of the other computers on which I have EndeavourOS installed).

Will there be any problem to the rest of the (new) system if I remove (uninstall) these three programs after installation?

Thank you.


The alpix mirror works well to the west coast of the US, too. It took about 11 minutes.

I was curious and thought I’d give it a try.

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No, you simply lose what they have to offer. Your system should work fine also without them.

Is this faster or slower than github for you?