Lifelong Windows user gone EOS

Hello all,

Just decided to introduce myself as I just started running EndeavorOS. Despite being mostly a power user I’ve been a Windows user since I started using computers in school about 2006ish or so.

Then when I went to college, we had a 5 week unit of Linux and bash scripting. So I used that knowledge to save myself the cost of Windows licenses on whatever old computer I got my hands on to shove in my closet to use as a music and file server using either Debian or Fedora depending on what is more stable on a particular hardware set.

Lately I’ve been switching to Linux for a few months here and there (when I get disgruntled about something MS is doing with Windows, this time it’s them perpetually adding CoPilot back to my taskbar) to see if I can get my workflow going good on it (my security camera NVR held me up mainly on that, couldn’t get any of that software to work on Linux. It barely worked on Windows, lol. Now it’s solved with a PiKVM). I usually use Debian or Fedora again.

This time neither of them were too stable on my newish video card (An AMD Radeon RX 7700XT). Debian froze on boot and Fedora lagged in an unusable manner. So I decided to give Arch-based distros a shot with EndeavorOS. So far, it’s working just fine.

I’m particular with music players, due to playlists having to be in a specific format to sync to my Android phone via SyncThing. And ncmpcpp has been scratching that itch to be honest. Typora has been scratching my creative writing itch. I used KdenLive on Windows as well so that’s about the same. Other than that I seem to have everything else working fine, by tweaking config files here and there and a little help from lurking the communities here, on the Arch forums, and other places. So far some suggestions I’ve found here have been helpful.

Oh, yeah, have to show off my Neofetch bling.


Probably should add. I do a little bit of Hugo and Python work on GitHub @ dbob16 if anyone wants to check it out.

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Hi @techguydilan and welcome to the forum

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Hey! Great to have you with us! Nice rig! All AMD is absolutely the smooth spot for Linux I think, - it’s been flawless for me. Good luck on your journey, I couldn’t imagine using anything else, Windows 8 was the point at which I dumped them, incredibly glad, much less stressful!


Tbh, has been better than Windows so far. AMD has made some pretty bad drivers for Windows in the past.

I also have a Framework 13 with the 13th gen i5, which I currently have the latest Debian stable on (12.5 I think). That has been pretty smooth too.

Last time I tried Linux on my laptop too, had some power management issues which seem to be mostly resolved now. So in the last year and a half or so since I did my last Linux trial, it has improved. Which is more than can be said for Windows these days (which seems to have worse power and thermal management than Linux these days due to all the background telemetry).

Hi @techguydilan, welcome here. Nice to see you rolling with EOS.

I’m a linux user since Ubuntu 6.06; I have since that time infrequently hopped between distro’s and am now on EOS for more than 6 months. I’ve found EOS to be adjustable and reliable; and the OS comes with a friendly community. I am sure you too will come to enjoy and appreciate both.

Have fun.


I just started looking at hugo. Want a small blog to post stuff I couldn’t really find articles about. Where do you host your blog?

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Windows has become quite maddening for me. It’s been too many times that I set prefs or hack my way into a workable environment, only to realize that on the next reboot my computer has been ‘updated’ in such a way that my work has been undone.

Welcome to Arch/EndeavourOS. What’s not fixed here or yay-available/up-to-date/orphaned, just git clone.


I’m currently using a VPS on Linode, the cheapest option they have. I might blow it away soon as it’s on Debian 11, to upgrade to Debian 12, wanted to reorganize it and make it more secure. I like it because I can host others off of it (also have hanging from it as well) and still get free ssl certs through certbot/LetsEncrypt.

My business site,, also uses Hugo. I have that on a shared hosting package with Ionos, just because I’m getting a deal with them having my business email bundled with them too. They also seem to have rsync installed on their shared host nodes too.

I haven’t had an issue with either option tbh. As long as your SiteURL is set right for your domain and root directory, and you’re using the proper variables, Hugo sites will work on anything in my experience.

No more having to download 11GB+ of Visual Studio add-ons just to be able to compile from source, that’s for sure.

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Same here. :+1:

I’m also using Strawberry which neatly fits the file managing aspect: It offers a build in “organize files” based on the tags and allows to import/export playlist with relative paths. That allows to organize files without breaking playlists.


I’m kind of on the fence on Strawberry. I have it installed on my laptop, but don’t use it too often. Maybe I’ll try it more sometime, but aside a learning curve of using the shortcut keys, I’m starting to like ncmpcpp. I even got my scrobbling to work with it, thanks to mpdscribble. I may write a guide on my site about that.

Welcome @techguydilan

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Welcome to the :enos:-Forum!

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