Libsavitar - exit status 4

I am trying to update my computer and am getting this error:

libsavitar - exit status 4

Here is part of the output:

==> Starting check()...
Internal ctest changing into directory: /home/jeremiah/.cache/yay/libsavitar/src/libSavitar-5.3.0/build
Test project /home/jeremiah/.cache/yay/libsavitar/src/libSavitar-5.3.0/build
    Start 1: ThreeMFParserTest
1/3 Test #1: ThreeMFParserTest ................***Failed    0.01 sec
[==========] Running 3 tests from 1 test suite.
[----------] Global test environment set-up.
[----------] 3 tests from ThreeMFParserTest
[ RUN      ] ThreeMFParserTest.parse
/usr/src/debug/libsavitar/libSavitar-5.3.0/tests/ThreeMFParserTest.cpp:50: Failure
Value of: xml_string.empty()
  Actual: true
Expected: false

[  FAILED  ] ThreeMFParserTest.parse (0 ms)
[ RUN      ] ThreeMFParserTest.sceneToString
/usr/src/debug/libsavitar/libSavitar-5.3.0/tests/ThreeMFParserTest.cpp:112: Failure
Value of: xml_string.empty()
  Actual: true
Expected: false

[  FAILED  ] ThreeMFParserTest.sceneToString (0 ms)
[ RUN      ] ThreeMFParserTest.decimalSeparatorTest
/usr/src/debug/libsavitar/libSavitar-5.3.0/tests/ThreeMFParserTest.cpp:131: Failure
Expected: scene = parser_septest.parse(xml_string_septest) throws an exception of type std::runtime_error.
  Actual: it throws nothing.

[  FAILED  ] ThreeMFParserTest.decimalSeparatorTest (0 ms)
[----------] 3 tests from ThreeMFParserTest (0 ms total)

[----------] Global test environment tear-down
[==========] 3 tests from 1 test suite ran. (0 ms total)
[  PASSED  ] 0 tests.
[  FAILED  ] 3 tests, listed below:
[  FAILED  ] ThreeMFParserTest.parse
[  FAILED  ] ThreeMFParserTest.sceneToString
[  FAILED  ] ThreeMFParserTest.decimalSeparatorTest


0% tests passed, 1 tests failed out of 1

Total Test time (real) =   0.01 sec

The following tests FAILED:
          1 - ThreeMFParserTest (Failed)
Errors while running CTest
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in check().
 -> error making: libsavitar-exit status 4

Any ideas? I am updating my other computer and will see if it has the same problem. I don’t even know if it has that package or what it is for.

It’s currently out-of-date, and it is a package only required by cura/cura engine.

I’m assuming you have cura installed? You can check using the command below:

pacman -Q | grep -i cura

From what I can see, cura is required by an inkscape/openscad package.

Do you have either inkscape or openscad installed?

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No, I have Cura installed for my 3D printer. I also have OrcaSlicer installed which I like better but prints from Cura come out so much smoother. I just don’t have the filament or time to fiddle with the setting in Orca.

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Actually, I do also have both Inkscape and openscad installed.

That’s what I was thinking. What about this package?

pacman -Q | grep -i inkscape-paths2openscad

Also, to stop getting that error, you may have to build the package from their GitHub.

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