LibreWolf - Enabled WebGL setting for iCloud, but Notes data appears blurry

So I can navigate my iCloud just fine on LibreWolf, even the subject lines for my notes appear just fine. But on the window next to it that shows the data within the Note, the text is all blurry. I can copy paste it fine into another text editor and the data is all there. Any ideas on why the fonts aren’t showing up correctly?


LibreWolf is just trying to protect you from the evil iClown. Let it do so, don’t break it for your convenience.

Can you suggest, offhand, an alternate and comparable replacement to iClown Notes that’s sync-able across devices then, Kresimir Frog

No, I don’t use Clown-based storage, that’s just somebody else’s computer.

I think that, if you’re willing to compromise security and privacy in that way, you don’t really need LibreWolf, and may as well just use vanilla Firefox.


Did you try playing with the font settings in your browser yet?

What happens when you adjust the zoom-level?

It’s a CSS issue.
You can use Stylus (FF addon) to modify specific CSS attributes, if you know a little of CSS, or willing to learn some basics. There are also general templates, that you may find useful.

iClown Notes is uniqe IMHO. Only a Clown could make it better. :rofl:

I use Joplin, which provides all (and maybe more) of what you ask for.

I think petsam is probably right, it’s not fonts or zoom but thanks!

I’ll try messing with Stylus. I don’t known CSS but hopefully the templates fix it. I am weaning off Apple’s teet but I’ll need to find another backup for all my media on iOS, iCloud is only 3 bucks a month for 200gb and I’m not trying to pay a monthly fee for each and every sync app out there.

Joplin is already more than that and that’s just to replace Notes =/ I mainly just do text and I’m trying out simplenote in the meantime, it seems to work pretty well too.