Libreoffice UI too BIG

After the Plasma 6 Update, All Libreoffice Applications’ UI are BIG. I have scaling of 125%, my monitor resolution is 1920x1080. If I change the scaling back to 100%. then the Libreoffice UI returns to normal

I will provide any other details, if necessary.

I’m not sure if I understand your problem correctly.
I just reproduced your setting with my 1920x1080 Laptop screeen and the the scaling to 125%.

Well, everyhing including the Symbols is bigger now.

But isn’t this the intended behavior? I mean in dolphin and firefox the navigation bar is also sized up.
There is a setting in libreoffice to change the size of the symbol bar exclusively.

I had the same problem with LO, but I can’t go back to 100% scaling because my monitor runs at 25" and 1440p. The remedy for me was to go from LO fresh to LO still.

It’s not just the icon bar, the entire UI is enormously enlarged, i.e. the resolution in LO is much lower than in the rest of the system. But only with LO fresh, still is as it should be.

Conclusion: it must be due to LO …


Try: Tools - Options - LibreOffice. On the View tab page, change the Toolbar icon size to “Automatic” (that works for me with 125% scaling) or whatever works for you.

New LibreOffice versions should :tm: support HiDPI scaling automatically (their devs even removed a settings option for adjusting the DPI :clown_face: ), but it’s not working correctly. I’ve seen some absurd font and UI scaling depending on the screen DPI on Wayland.

Fortunately, it can be overriden with SAL_FORCEDPI environment variable, so to start Writer with 100 dpi and override current scaling settings, run

SAL_FORCEDPI=100 libreoffice --writer

Okay, for now, I have switched to LO-Still, and the UI is back to normal. Maybe it will be fixed in next release but, for now, this is enough for me.

Cheers for the quick and helping community!!!

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