LibreOffice gestures on Endeavour

This is a really specific (and kind of silly) issue. I use LibreOffice Writer when assignments require Word docs, currently running on KDE Plasma Wayland session. I can only get scroll gestures to work, pinch/zoom doesn’t on either a touchpad or touchscreen.

I just reinstalled the same version on my old laptop, which is currently running Arch with a manually configured Hyprland session. Gestures worked without any tweaking.

Do I have to manually add packages for gesture support? They’re working on Firefox and pdf/image viewers.

As I don’t use KDE, I don’t now if it should work, but try the X11 session and see if it works there. If it does, there is the possibility it’s not yet supported on wayland. The new KDE version will come out in a few months, so maybe that will change something.

I haven’t used it in a few days, SDDM is crashing when I try changing sessions :smiley:
I’ll report back when I figure out what I broke

You could create another account and if it works there, the reason is in your current account’s settings.

Tried this (still Wayland session). Gesture’s aren’t working on a new account, either.

If I have time after I finish homework I’ll poke around on here more. At least I know it’s not just my account!

Update: Fixed SDDM, the same gestures aren’t working in X11, either. :woman_shrugging:

Writing a solution to this, as I previously left it open. :upside_down_face: sorry for the necro-posting, just stumbled on an update when test-driving Plasma 6:

Gestures have the same issue on Fedora 40’s Wayland session, exactly as I was experiencing. What’s strange is that touchscreen controls respond as expected, despite touchpad gestures not behaving normally. So, it’s either something about the current version of LibreOffice, or something that happened with a KWin update. If anyone else runs into this, just know you’re not crazy.

(Additionally, I didn’t run into this issue on Endeavour after migrating to Cinnamon (X11), and then to Sway.)

I’ll try doing some tests and confirming the source of the issue, as it’s probably worth filing a bug report regarding software that’s commonly included with so many distros.

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