Libreoffice-fresh spelling

Does anyone also have the problem that the spelling does not work in a new installed libreoffice-fresh?

Spelling: [none]

Perhaps this:

For spell checking, please make sure hunspell is properly installed; this should be the case for both still and fresh LibreOffice versions. Then install a language dictionary for hunspell



simple yay search will find language you want /need

for me i use

aur/hunspell-th 1.0.0-1 (+5 1.01) (Installed)
extra/hunspell-en_gb 2020.12.07-4 (559.2 KiB 14.0 MiB) (Installed) ( real English )

pick flavour you need


Install to get spell checking working system wide (aka working in LibreOffice/Hexchat for example):

sudo pacman -S hunspell-en_us

In all the years of using Libreoffice, I have never had to install hunspell-de. It was always ‘all inclusive’.
But thanks for the tip!!

that’s weird, i also have german language settings, but only the hunspell package, which i didn’t install myself. the spelling works for me by default.

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