Libreoffice can only open a document on the Windows partition as read-only on EndeavorOS due to permission or lack of space

There is a document on the Windows partition that I constantly update on EndeavourOS. So far there have been no problems saving to the NTFS file system. With Libreoffice version, I noticed that Libreoffice can only open the given file as readable, because it cannot create the lock file due to permissions or lack of space.

Do you have rw access to other locations/files on your Windows partition?

I thought perhaps when you were in Windows last time, you didn’t perform a proper shutdown and left it in hibernated state. The file system then get mounted ro in Linux.

As far as I know, nothing has changed since the last time. I usually attach the Windows partition after each login. I haven’t used Windows in a long time, so there was no hibernation either. That’s why I was surprised by the incident because it only happened on one of my laptops running EOS and not on the other. Anyway, I just gave rw permission to the directory containing the file.

Does it work now?

Also, out of curiosity:

Yes, it works now that I gave w permission to the document directory containing the file. However, I just looked at a document file with a similar purpose (I write the dates of the charges) on my other, old Toshiba laptop, which also has the file in question in the document directory of the Windows partition. The directory containing the file has only read access, but the document can still be edited and then saved. Anyway, it’s weird.

To be honest, I didn’t check the rw permissions for other directories besides the Document directory.

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