Libpdfium-nojs keeps trying to reinstall

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In /etc/pacman.conf I uncommented the line and added the package

IgnorePkg = libpdfium-nojs

For now I am doing the upgrade in the terminal

$ sudo pacman -Syu --ignore libdfium-nojs


It would be great if YAD did a check of our pacman.conf for IgnorePkg.

Where I come from (another distro) I would say downgrade package-name
This would give an option to add the said package to the ignore list.

Then when you do sudo pacman -Syu It should say the package is on/in
ignore packages…



its does not.


Iam on a different distro here (Arcolinux) heres my prompt.

I stress this is what I am talking about it is not Endevour here it maybe different


That’s an AUR package, isn’t it?
So pacman won’t care about it, like in sudo pacman -Syu :thinking:

@HMS_Endeavour Do you get this when you add to ignore packages, I stress again this a different distro.

That’s true, but as @jonathon said, only the package maintainer can fix it.

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Yes, I saw that in the other thread.

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If you just did yay in the terminal instead of:


In /etc/pacman.conf I uncommented the line and added IgnorePkg = libpdfium-nojs
saved it and rebooted.
Next time I ran


When I parsed --ignore libpdfim-nojs to the -Syu in yay, I still get the warning.

But when I did

sudo pacman -Syu --ignore libpdfim-nojs

I got no such error. Obviously the maintainer needs to fix this, but doesn’t adding an ignore package in pacman.conf mean I don’t get the warning?

Also, since yay is a simply a package helper running pacman should yay be respecting the same option as pacman does?

Hope that clarifies :wink:

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You got no error because pacman doesn’t update AUR packages.

Pacman can remove an AUR package, but it doesn’t install or update them. Hence, you don’t have to tell pacman to ignore updating the package, as it always ignores updating AUR packages.


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