- broken by recent update?

Anybody else use ArchyPie and notice the latest system updates broke it? No emulators will launch.
The error is something to do with can’t be found. I tried installing different versions of ffmpeg to fix it but not having any luck.

That typically means that it needs a rebuild.

Where did you get Archypie from? Was it from the repos?

Archypie is a script off github that adapts installing RetroPie to ArchLinux. To be more specific, the core issue is within EmulationStation (the actual RetroPie/ArchyPie frontend GUI). When you choose a game, it’s supposed to launch in the emulator. Unfortunately, now it’s saying does not exist. I’ve been digging and running circles trying to figure it out for like 4 hours now. Creating this thread is just a desperate shot in the dark because I’m stumped lol! Worst case, I’m guessing I’ll just have to wait some random number of days/weeks for another update to automagically fix it.

What does ls /usr/lib/libavcod* return?

$ ls /usr/lib/libavcod*
/usr/lib/     /usr/lib/  /usr/lib/
/usr/lib/  /usr/lib/

It looks like libavcodec was updated to 60 which is why 59 can’t be found.

Some binary on your system is still looking for the older version. You need an updated version of whatever that is.

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