Libabsl went missing after update

Hi guys!

I recently updated my system via eos-update app and noticed that app nekoray which is kinda proxy client won’t boot. I tried launching app in terminal and it gave me this error:

nekoray: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I think pacman removed .so file somehow. How can I fix it?

P.S I can’t find this lib in arch repos

Is protobuf installed on your system?

Wait I didn’t see it was installed, sorry for misleading. But I’ll try to reinstall nekoray

But somehow nekoray was working before

nekoray is an AUR package. If you installed it the right way, protobuf shouldn’t be missing from your system because it is a dependency.

Try to reinstall nekoray.

As a rule of thumb, whenever a package in your system, say X, is updated and X is a dependency of, say a package Y installed from AUR, then Y needs to be rebuild.

@Werameli To add to this, you can install a package called rebuild-detector, which provides the necessary pacman hooks to check which packages require reboot after every update.

Thanks for advice! After rebuilding nekoray it’s working again, thanks!

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