Lenovo T530 or T540 + EndeavourOS?

I’ve been studying T530 and T540 offerings on ebay. They are really cheap and some of them are in like-new condition. Is anyone on the forum using one of these? Is it a good choice for EOS?

I impulsively sold my T420 a few months ago and now I have seller’s remorse. Unfortunately, I never tried EOS on the T420. The big 15.6" display on the 530/540 plus the marvelous Lenovo keypad is calling to me, but if it won’t run EOS then I won’t bother with it.

I’m not sure why it wouldn’t? Just look at the specs.

EndeavourOS loves Thinkpads and vice versa, especially the older ones.


T480s right here. Runs absolutely fantastic!

Formerly I’ve also had x1 carbon (3rd gen) and an E540

Older ThinkPads love Linux.

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I run EOS on my X1 Carbon 2nd gen, two T61’s and a T400. Runs fantastic I love old Thinkpads!

A thinkpad T520i for me and like everyone else, it works wonderfully.

T400 and L520 working perfect.

you mean the T530p and T540p ?

I use Arch with a Lenovo T430, and with a T420. Works with no problem. Both are upgraded with a max of RAM (8G for the T420 and 16G for the T430) and good Samsung SSDs, and they’re really fast and pleasant machines.

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I also use Lenovo, both desktop and laptop. Apart from a few post-installation interventions, there have been no problems since then.


E590, never an issue :wink:

nice devices!
Because I’m kind of one of those thinkpad collectors (mostly antique ones) not all of them are good anymore.
Lenove build some really bad thinkpads, like the T410 with nvidia graphics and no way to use any powersaving options under Linux. as an example…

So i do recommend to search about issues also if you go buy a ThinkPad:

  1. https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Laptop/Lenovo

  2. https://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/ThinkWiki

I use a T540 & love it.

T420, X230, T440P, X260 and E580 all work flawless on EndeavourOS here :slight_smile:
(Yes I know it’s borderline hoarding :sweat_smile:)

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Hi Krimkerre!

Nice to see you again.


I’ve been lurking in the shadows :wink:

off topic, but congrats with the new release btw!


I’m still using a T440p with no issues running debian/fedora/solus or arch based distros - Endeavouros is my distro of choice of course - it is made to be easy to upgrade with no soldered ram or cpus. I’m running 16g ram with a Intel Core i7-4800MQ (you can get m or mq cpus with different power consumption) with integrated intel graphics (you can get the T440p with nvidia as well I think) The screen can be upgraded, the wifi/bluetooth/HD/SSD/M2 all easy to upgrade… and all parts are easily available. Its difficult to get a laptop now where you can easily get under the hood. This happily handles video/RAW editing, ripping, etc etc… plus you can even fit a retro CD/DVD/BLU RAY drive if you want to be a bit old school… :older_adult: