Lenovo K14 AMD?

So I’d never even HEARD of this line of laptops before yesterday. Saw it on the Lenovo site, has a 5650U, 8GB ram (2 slots, upgradable to 32GB), 256 NVMe, 250-nit 1080P LCD (same as the base Thinkpad L14 which is tolerable but not great) for $560 brand new. I’m intrigued. Anyone ever used one? Anyone ever even SEEN one in person. I’m trying to decide if I wanna buy one. I have a 16GB DIMM settings around, can get a matching 16GB for $54 to have it at 32GB. I have a 1TB NVMe still lying around not used. So for $54 I could upgrade it to 32GB ram and 1TB NVMe. I think it might be worth it to upgrade my aging T495. But…I’m worried it’ll have an Ideapad keyboard, not a Thinkpad keyboard. Thoughts (beyond “you have too damned many laptops!!”)??

It’s definitely different than my Thinkbook 14" I don’t really know the difference in the keyboards. I do like the keyboard on mine though. These look a bit beefier? Not sure.

Edit: I do like the fact that the ram is upgradeable. Price is really good too.

I know, and I am remarkably weak-willed at resisting well priced computers, even when I don’t need them. :smiley:

$729… cdn is pretty good

Edit: It’s 50% off

Meh. Talked with Lenovo today. The salesperson said that the keyboard is a thinkpad keyboard without the trackpoint, which would be a good thing if it’s true. But then when I was ready to purchase, they said it’d be over a month before it ships. Ain’t noone got no month to be waiting for an IMPULSE buy!!! So those plans have now been nixed.

I think i would have still ordered it because it’s 50% off in price. I got the same type of deal with the think book 14" i bought.

Edit: I thought mine was going to be a month also but when i clicked on the order it gave a ship date of a couple of days.

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