Lenovo IdeaPad3i Intel i3 EndeavourOS

I’m not actually going to complain about how this OS is giving me any issues whatsoever (because if I did, I’d be talking about non-issues.) I’ve just noticed how much easier of a time that this particular distro had to install for me than did just installing outright Arch Linux. Which means, I doubt I would be not exactly installing Arch Linux from Arch Linux itself, again… But it’s just that I’ve found I have a genuinely easier time installing EndeavourOS on the Lenovo IdeaPad 3i as opposed to actual Arch Linux.

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Great news! :smiley:
Glad to meet you and may you have the best of good experiences with your new install :wave:

See you down the log :penguin: :keyboard: :computer: :printer:

Good to meet you too. I’m probably going to be spending a lot of time distro-hopping during my journey in the Linux wilderness. Some distros I will end up really liking, others not so much, and others will make me scratch my head.