Lenovo C630 ARM laptop

Are there any guides to get EndeavourOS installed and running on the Lenovo C630?
I love this little laptop and would love to get Arch running on it. :smile:

Is this the one that has the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor running Windows 10?

That’s the one, it’s got a Snapdragon 850.

There is an aarch64 laptop guide and image to get Ubuntu running on it. HERE
I think it’s Ubuntu 18.04 and then you have to push forward to the latest version through a series of updates. And for the drivers there is a workaround to pull them from your Windows partition and put them in place for Linux use.

I started going this route, but I’m like wait I know I’ll be way happier if I can get arch working, let me at least check before totally going down the rabbit hole. :laughing:

Is it this one?

That’s the one. It’s really a great form factor. Keyboard is nice, battery life is amazing on Windows at least.

It’s really bothersome Lenovo and Qualcomm don’t do more to make this Linux friendly. They would have a huge following if it were easier to get going.

They go for pretty cheap on Ebay now.

I guess i would be like you just trying to figure it out. Not sure if you can install it with the same process used from the live ISO. Never tried with a Windows OS only Pi devices. :man_shrugging:

take look here … " https://matrix.to/#/#_oftc_#aarch64-laptops:matrix.org " seem like nice helpful people . @ironrobin know thing about snapdragon 850

I did try the live ISO but it didn’t work. I also tried IronRobin’s x13s installer method, but arch arm complained about the DTB. I was hoping for some reason they might have similar enough DTB’s to get the job done.

I’ll try the aarch64 chat, I’m usually stalking that on Matrix anyway :laughing: