"legacy" mode

Since a few days the forum is bugging me to use a “supported browser”:

In this mode the forum is read-only (no login possible).

I’m using a up-to-date qutebrowser that works just fine for all other websites that i’m using on a daily basis.

Is this intentional to annoy users this way?

i opened some web pages with the forum software(discourse) in qutebrowser and got the same error message. the forum software does not support the qutebrowser or conversely.

depend on version site use. Endeavouros on latest

"Discourse 3.1.0.beta1 - https://github.com/discourse/discourse version 666536c"

Now take manjaro that older ( think 13/01 ) that ok on Qutebrowser

"Discourse 3.1.0.beta1 - https://github.com/discourse/discourse version 5cd1365"

Or Archlabs that ok on qutebrowser ( even older version )

"Discourse 3.1.0.beta1 - https://github.com/discourse/discourse version b4b8b03"

is it discourse or qutebrowser problem! Time will tell

it all fun :blush:

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I don’t know if it is possible with qutebrowser but you can try changing user agent to ie. latest Firefox.

yeah, i probably need to mess around with the user agent (using the default user agent of qutebrowser) - but seriosly, is this still a thing in 2023?

At a quick glance, it doesn’t look like they are checking user agents.

It looks like they are checking for the supported features they need.

Recently, it looks like some new features were added to the list. Specifically:

    !String.prototype.replaceAll ||
    !CSS.supports ||
    !CSS.supports("aspect-ratio: 1")
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Not annoy, unless if technical advice is an annoyance. :person_shrugging:

From Discourse About:

Discourse supports the latest, stable releases of all major browsers and platforms:

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari

Additionally, we aim to support Safari on iOS 12.5+ until January 2023 (Discourse 3.0).

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Just use Firefox … no problems. :wink:

Just use Floorp … no problems :sunglasses:


Wow…6 hours until someone comes up with „just use … instead“ - i expected such comments much earlier. :smile:

I don’t see the point in switching my browser just because a single software tries to nuge me to do so.

Thanks for investigating. I’ll gonna try with a different user agent nevertheless - although without high hopes.