Legacy app theme selection keeps getting removed

Gnome 42.4

It keeps removing my theme selection for Legacy applications. Is this likely to be a Gnome issue or perhaps an issue with the Legacy Theme switch extension? I haven’t seen this happening in other distros running 42.4

I have no idea how to even start debugging this!

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If you install the gnome-extension “User Themes” you can put whichever theme you like into your home-folder, in a subfolder to be named “.themes”. It overrides System Themes and gives you an opportunity to select and activate it for GTK-legacy applications from within in Gnome-Tweaks.

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Hi @ivanhoe

That’s what I’m doing (I know how it all works :slight_smile: ) but the issue is that, whatever I select as theme in Tweaks, after a while (always on logging in, sometime during a session) some process seems to reset the selection again. Going in Tweaks I then see an empty select box for Legacy Theme and I have to select my theme again.

What is the version of Gnome you are using @ElGuapo? Which OS? Wayland- or Xorg-session?

In general: If you have other DE’s installed alongside on the same system, this could well be the cuase for your trouble.

Pretty clean install of EndeavourOS, Gnome 42.4, Wayland. No other desktops environments, no other distros on this machine. It started doing this after one of the recent updates, but I have no idea why. Haven’t changed gnome for a couple of months already.

this could be caused by the extension… Legacy Theme switch is only handling adwaita theme to be set in dark or light mode together with libadwaita theme settings.

I’ll remove it. See what happens