Launcher not responding to click


I am new to Endeavor OS, although I have played around with other versions of the previous DDE release. My question is related to the launcher. When I pull up the launcher, and then click on the icon, it just disappears. If I right click and select ‘open’ it launches fine. If I type in the name, and hit enter it launches. This isn’t default behavior is it? It is really frustrating and I’m going to probably go back to KDE since from what I can read DDE 20 is not ready for prime time yet.


Try installing deepin-wm as a workaround and see if that helps.

This is definitely a fact.

If I am being honest, I am not sure if deepin is going to be stable on Arch-based distros any time in the near future. Even on v15 there were issues and since v20 it has been more broken than working.

Just my opinion but you have to be a pretty hardcore deepin fan to be using it for anything important right now.

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DDE does experience some bugs, which are usually fixed. But it’s true that DDE will feel more ‘unstable’.

There is a relevant bug report here

Probably get used to launching apps the way it works or switch to KDE for the time being.

Yes - thank you! Trying another desktop. Shame, deepin is SO beautiful to look at but it just doesn’t work right. Trying again!


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You are very right about the state of deepin at the moment, great to look at, but not really there for day to day usage.

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