Latest update broke audio - no more SPDIF

Latest update broke my audio. I only get “simultaneous output” and “analog output”, no digital SPDIF. This happens every now and then with the updates.

The update to which program broke your audio? You should be able to downgrade it without much issue.

Pulse, I think. Is there a point and click way to downgrade?

That could make sense, it looks like it was updated today. I would use downgrade in the command line, it’s the only way I’ve done it in the past. If you don’t have downgrade already install it with yay downgrade it should be option 1.

Looks like there are alot of dependencies. Do I have to upgrade all of them? And manually add them all and try to figure out the correct version?

Edit: needed to upgrade 3 packages: pulseaudio, libpulse and pulseaudio-bluetooth. After a reboot audio seems to be workign correctly.

Thanks for the help!