Latest lightdm put me in a login loop

I recently ran an update when it notified me and I was given a login loop when I next booted up my machine.

After some investigation I found that an update of lightdm-1:1.32.0-6, so I rolled back to the 0-5 version via pacman and it’s fixed the issue

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Some for me on 2 different systems running an up-to-date install.

After updating to lightdm-1:1.32.0-6 i’m thrown back to the login screen after entering my password. It works fine for another user on the same machine, so i guess it’s related to my profile. Till now i was not able to figure out what actually happens.

Downgrading to 1.32.0-5 is more of a shady workaround than a fix.

update: it seems that using the “vi” mode for bash triggers this behaviour.

As soon as i remove this line from my .bashrc login is working again:

set show-mode-in-prompt on