Latest ISO 8.27 - Canada Link Down?

Greetings lovely community,

I just wanted to download the new .iso ( ) so that I may test it in Boxes so I went to download the closest server to me which is Canada (using Vivaldi, btw), but whenever I click the Download link ( ), nothing happens. All the other various country links are working just fine, but this one from Canada is not. Anyone else unable to download from it?

That link works for me.

Maybe you are blacklisted in canada :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

works for me in Colorado also, except one might need to click on start again half way through.


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The link doesn’t work for me (UK and Vivaldi Snapshot), but right-click save target does.

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The link does also work over here, have you tried it again?

Directly clicking on the link doesn’t download it, but if I right click and save as, then the .iso will download as @Pudge and @xircon have pointed out. Just odd that that is the only link where I have to do that.

Perhaps it doesn’t work in vivaldi for some reason?

EDIT: It works in the version of Vivaldi on my machine. 4.1.2369.21

That could be something, I used Firefox.

It works for me on Firefox but eh…I’m in Canada and not too far away either. :laughing:

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Works on Firefox, so who knows!!!

Yeah it works fine on Firefox, but on Vivaldi it requires that one extra step. Must be that the Canadian servers are maple syrup cooled or something :stuck_out_tongue:

If I did that, I’d be afraid the server would come to a sticky end! I can’t comment on your difficulties… the traceroute is complicated, but the server is across the room :grin:

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