Latest and best way to fix screen tearing in KDE with Nvidia on multiple monitors?

I’ve tried fixing the screen tearing in KDE with multiple guides and multiple different ways but haven’t been too successful and have honestly overwhelmed myself so I am wondering what the current, best, and recommended way to fix screen tearing in KDE is?

I am using a GTX 1070 with proprietary drivers. I have a Pixio 2460x1440@144Hz Freesync (GSync compatible) and a 1680x1050@60Hz Goodwill Dell monitor I use as a companion display. I currently don’t have any fixes applied as I did a clean install with XFCE4 but am honestly not a huge fan so I am switching back to KDE but would like to find a proper fix for the issues with screen tearing. I do plan on switching to AMD’s next generation and I will use wayland when that time comes but it would be nice to find a fix in the interim.

I do plan on gaming and I have read in several areas that force composition pipeline is bad for performance but it also did not fix my issues in the past. Also adding the options from the Arch Wiki "AllowIndirectGLXProtocol" "off" and "TripleBuffer" "on" didn’t seem to have any effect and adding KWIN_TRIPLE_BUFFER=1 to /etc/environment also had no effect. I did see someone recently say that X11 now supports multiple frame rates but haven’t found anyone else covering how to do so.

I mainly care about tearing on the main monitor as the companion monitor is low quality and usually used for discord or watching videos in the background. Sorry if this has been covered a lot already but most of the guides I have found are very outdated or haven’t fixed the issues I am having.

When I had screen tearing I just enabled the Force Composition Pipeline in NVIDIA Settings.

I think I have found a solution that actually works really well as far as I can tell I found this post on Reddit that led to this bug report which instructed enable force composition pipeline and disable OpenGL flipping while adding KWIN_X11_REFRESH_RATE=144000 and KWIN_X11_NO_SYNC_TO_VBLANK=1 to /etc/environment someone also mentioned that adding KWIN_X11_FORCE_SOFTWARE_VSYNC=1 dropped frames in some applications so I left that out but it has fixed the other two major issues that KDE screen tears really bad and gets rid of the sluggish feeling on my high refresh rate monitor

I do hope AMD’s next generation GPU’s are both affordable and obtainable but for now KDE is much more bearable which is awesome since it’s my favorite DE right now since moving over (for the 4th time) from windows

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