Late 2021 builds/early 2022 builds of endevouros? (Iso)

Please if someone can share, november 2021 till february 2022? I have to avoid some issues im getting now with the latest release.

This is a rolling release distro. So you have to use the latest iso.
Please post your issue with the iso and we will try to help solve it.
Downloading older iso’s won’t work here.


Regarding my old topic, im booting up my ende os, installed 470 drivers. But steam wont boot up with it. No errors even starting steam in terminal.

I have Nov Atlantis ISO, but fail to see what good that will do for you.

Let’s say you install Atlantis 21, then it will try to update. If you don’t accept the rolling release, then you are defeating the whole purpose of the rolling release model.

Please read the forum rules:
read how to post problems and logs

Search :enos: wiki regarding your issue

Search archwiki regarding your issue:

:enos: is based on Arch Linux and is not a just works distro. You need to be willing to do your own research and try fixing stuff before seeking help.

Could you share the link? Cuz some if the distros ive installed went well

You should open up a help thread for the issue. An old iso almost assuredly won’t fix the issue.

The thing is, (imo) that iso has 470 drivers so he can boot up using nvidia option so he wont boot open source drivers
And after update everything will be new version except nvidia nonfree drivers afaik

Edit: this way, actually he’s skipping installing nonfree drivers on new installation

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Im searchinf for an iso that i used to make an successful installing of steam, there were some builds, why dont you share them? I just want you to share the old builds, then i wont spend much time gettings logs or whatever. (Ive used offline installer during installation)

This could be the option, if you could post that(se) build(s), please.


Thank you, if i find solution, ill answer here.

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If you’re using the 470xx drivers then you are probably missing lib32-nvidia-470xx-utils.

This entire thread is a perfect example of an XY Problem.


How to install them?

Them being what?

I mean how to execute rhis command to install utils.

You can use the same command that you use to install any software.

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Can you describe fully? What should i type in terminal to install lib32-nvidia-470xx-utils
I find it really funny regarding reactions to your post. Funny to see these reactions in newbie forum.

This package is the AUR.
What is the AUR:

How to install package using AUR

Apparently, you haven’t followed my advice of searching through :enos: wiki.


This would be an example of expecting “spoon-feeding”.

How have you been updating your system, and what did you do when you