Last Kernel update appears as 6.2.8 but is 6.2.9

The last update (5 minutes ago) of the Arch kernel in the core repo is announced as 6.2.8.-arch1-1 in the terminal with “yay” - which is strange as this version is already installed - but once installed, it apprears to be 6.2.9-arch1-1.
Everything seems to work OK, so it seems just to be a light error in the way the core repo announce the new kernel.

Here the update worked as expected.
Could be a minor mirror updating issue. Maybe re-ranking Arch mirrors could help?

You might want to look at pacman.log too.

Mine was also fine. :thinking:


[2023-04-02T11:13:22-0400] [ALPM] upgraded linux (6.2.8.arch1-1 -> 6.2.9.arch1-1)
[2023-04-02T11:13:23-0400] [ALPM] upgraded linux-headers (6.2.8.arch1-1 -> 6.2.9.arch1-1)

It seems it was a temporary issue in the database… the kernel was updated to 6.2.9 even if it appeared in pacman as 6.2.8. All good.