Large Update Today

I just ran yay and got a rather large output for 98 packages; kernel, KDE Plasma, Wayland, and QT among a few others. All went well. Rebooted, logged in without issue.

I love when major updates go buttery smooth. Today is gonna be a good day. :enos:

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that’s because there’s 5 plasma packages for every 1 package in any other DE :wink:


True. But that never bothered me. As long as updates are relatively quick and don’t break stuff, I’m fine. I can’t remember the last time KDE-specific updates wrecked anything. But yeah, KDE Plasma updates seem to always be large.

I like to tease Plasma :). My Budgie has 44 or so but didn’t Plasma have a giant 6.1 Frameworks roll out if I read it right?

My KDE Frameworks is still at 6.0.0

I can’t speak to you guys here but in Garuda the update broke of all things the folders icons. No other icons were damaged, just the folders throughtout the system. I found it funny actually. I just switched icon packs and all’s good again.

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