Laptop's nvidia boost

Hey there,
i have a laptop with this spec :
Ram : 16 Gb 2400 ddr4
CPU : i5-6200u
GPU : nvidia 940mx 4GB GDDR5
it’s been working fine, around 200fps in cs go etc etc but i’ve been thinking if is there anyway for better performance (i thought about this after i saw smth about driver acceleration in this sub-forum)

here’s a result of inxi -Ga

Graphics:  Device-1: Intel Skylake GT2 [HD Graphics 520] vendor: Acer Incorporated ALI 
           driver: i915 v: kernel bus-ID: 00:02.0 chip-ID: 8086:1916 class-ID: 0300 
           Device-2: NVIDIA GM107 [GeForce 940MX] vendor: Acer Incorporated ALI driver: nvidia 
           v: 465.24.02 alternate: nouveau,nvidia_drm bus-ID: 01:00.0 chip-ID: 10de:179c 
           class-ID: 0302 
           Device-3: Realtek HD WebCam type: USB driver: N/A bus-ID: 1-7:3 chip-ID: 0bda:57f2 
           class-ID: 0e02 serial: 200901010001 
           Display: x11 server: 1.20.11 driver: loaded: modesetting,nvidia 
           resolution: <missing: xdpyinfo> 
           OpenGL: renderer: NVIDIA GeForce 940MX/PCIe/SSE2 v: 4.6.0 NVIDIA 465.24.02 
           direct render: Yes 

right now i’m using optimus manager and set nvidia to default on startup (with the help of wiki, i created a custom file to do so)
result of optimus-manager --status :

Optimus Manager (Client) version 1.4

Current GPU mode : nvidia
GPU mode requested for next login : no change
GPU at startup : nvidia
Temporary config path: no

What do you need, 20000 fps? :laughing:

You can try zen kernel, it might fire better games performance, also make sure you use Fsync capable Wine engine and it’s enabled some more info here


no i dont need 20k FPS
i was just curious nothing more :slight_smile:

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CSGO NVIDIA Control Panel settings

  1. Anisotropic Filtering: Off.
  2. Antialiasing-Gamma Correction: Off.
  3. Maximum Pre-rendered Frames: 1.
  4. Power Management Mode: Prefer Maximum Performance.
  5. Preferred refresh rate: Highest Available.
  6. Texture Filtering – Anisotropic sample optimization: Off.
  7. Texture Filtering -negative LOD bias: Allow.
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