Laptop with broken screen

I got a laptop here with a broken screen, broken in a way that ~ 1/3 of the display is not showing anything. Definitely a hardware problem, but the machine would be fully usable if I somehow could manage to make the OS consider only the working part of the display.

Can anyone think of a way to tell the OS to only use the 2 thirds on the left?

Is the right 1/3 blue, or is that an illusion? Broken would be black, wouldn’t it?

Let’s call it partly broken :slight_smile:
It’s black during boot, did indeed turn blue in that screenshot, right now it’s all black again, but never any content.

I think I need to position this as EndevourOS version of Ambilight to the user :slight_smile:

If it’s the panel, they are fairly straightforward to replace, or just get a second hand monitor and plug it in :smiley: