Laptop Touchpads off-kilter

Just trying to start an open discussion about Laptop touchpads.

Why are they off center? And when I say off center I don’t even mean relative to the chassis. Many times they are not even centered to the home row keys.

Why? Honestly Why? It not only looks odd, but it always leads to my left palm interacting with the touchpad unnecessarily.

Essentially, for me, if the touchpad isn’t centered with the home row/spacebar then it is, in-fact, out of proper placement.

Anybody else have thoughts, qualms, or a voice on this?

Edit: Understandably many premium laptops have properly placed touchpads (mimicking the macbook and rightly so) but for the vast majority of laptops, misplacement seems to be the norm

It makes sense to have the touchpad off centre if the laptop has number keys that are on the right.

Ideally, the vertical axis of the touchpad should pass between the G and H keys.

Also, I hate touchpads that don’t have buttons.

When it comes to laptops with crappy touchpads, the best thing one can do (apart from plugging in a mouse) is adopting a more keyboard-focused workflow, by using a tiling window manager like dwm.

I typically don’t use touchpads or touch screens. I use the mouse and the keyboard. :wink:


I love it (but I am a lefty).

In a world filled with righties and right handed things, I’m happy for you haha

Same !