Laptop (Lenovo T14s) ist waking up but no display

When I put my Lapto into sleep mode and wake it up, only a blank screen and the mouse pointer are displayed, but not the display manager screen. Login is not possible here.

I can however log in to a text console.

What can I do to find out the cause. Does anyone here know the problem?

I am using Endeavour OS with KDE/Plasma.

Start from checking the logs.

It seems Xorg is running, but DM might have crashed, or something else.
What DM? Share some system info.

inxi -SMGIaz

Is it possible your partitions are becoming out of free space?

Hi Menschmeier,

I was doing some research and notice there are notes in the Arch Wiki about suspend (S3) for both the T14 and T14s.

The Thinkpads I have are quite a bit older (T450, T470s) and on Gnome as I prefer Wayland. In my case I use suspend and suspend and hibernate to disk. There was a good article which may interest you:

Unfortunately I don’t have any feedback on how to stabilize the modern suspend fuctionality you may have on your newer Thinkpad. But I noticed may posts about wake up issues.


Hi kagetora13 & petsam, thank you for your quick replies. I have checked the BIOS/UEFI setting, Suspend was correctly set to Linux. Waking up from suspend works fine without external devices connected (ext. monitor via HDMI, USB keyboard status, Bluetooth mouse). That is already very satisfactory.

I will test which device prevents the correct wake up. I suspect the external monitor is the problem.

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