Laptop Keyboard / Touchpad questions

Hey - relatively new Endeavour OS user here. Installed EOS to a new Acer Swift laptop. Performance and battery life has exceeded my expectation thus far with a GNOME 3.36 out of the box install. Been running a legacy Antergos / Archlinux for the main PC for years, so much is the same with this laptop. I do have two questions regarding the compact numerical keypad and the touchpad.

The Swift comes with a numeric keypad overlayed with the 7-8-9-U-I-O-J-K-L keys. The F12 key doubles as a NumLock key. When I press NumLock, it is recognized by the OS (as seen in the Gnome Keyboard settings and confirmed with showkey command). However, after turning on, the keys act unchanged. With multiple random keypresses, I realized that FN + Shift + keypad will produce a number as expected. However, I would like if NumLock is enabled, the number to be the default behavior and not require a 3 key combo. Is this possible? Any pointers on where I should look?

Regarding the touchpad, initially all clicks were treated equally as a primary (left-mouse) click. Quickly found the Gnome Tweak option to detect a lower-right touchpad click as a secondary (right-mouse) click. It works, most of the time. It seems I often don’t click far enough into the corner and therefore often outside the lower-right registered location for a secondary click. Is there a way to change the size of this region?

Thanks in advanced and for making such an easy-to-use & easy-to-install version of Arch!!

Not sure what I changed, but it works now.

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Great you’ve found the solution. Welcome on the forum By the way.