Laptop keyboard power consumption

I’ve install EOS a few days ago and I am noticing quite a bit of power consumption, which is enormous in comparison to Win11.
I did some testing and using powertop I’ve discovered, that the biggest usage is caused the keyboard of my Lenovo Legion 5 Pro laptop (even though the backlight is turned off).

Output of powertop:

Summary: 2052,4 wakeups/second, 0,0 GPU ops/seconds, 0,0 VFS ops/sec and 29,0% CPU use
Power est. Usage Events/s Category Description
12.0 W 100,0% Device USB device: ITE Device(8910) (ITE Tech. Inc.)
2.19 W 41,6% Device Display backlight

I’am not experienced enough to solve this problem myself, so I am asking for help. Can it be even solved somehow?

I think you may misreading this or the tool is misreporting. I tried powertop on my system and I got:

 48.1%        Display backlight

Also how do you know it is a keyboard? Not a screen backlight? Also what is Device USB device: ITE Device(8910) (ITE Tech. Inc.) ? Looks like something connected to USB is draining power?

So putting above aside, what kernel are you using - is it default one? You can try to first tweak stuff with tlpui - be sure to disable / remove other power managmene tools.

  1. What is CPU usage when playing youtube? Check in htop. What is your browser? There is a chance, you do not have HW accelerated video decoding, so all work is done by CPU, which will make your PC hot, and consume a lot of power.

  2. Show us you inxi -Fz

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Laptop hardware in my experience, can sometimes be a little trickier to get behaving, particularly if it’s pretty new. For me (Asus ZenBook), waiting a while solved all issues, as the necessary drivers were merged into the kernel. I wouldn’t recommend everyday use of an LTS kernel (except as a backup boot option in case of issues with the standard kernel).

Although I can not vouch for this at all, you may find some success using something like Lenovo Legion Linux Support. That’s available in the AUR as lenovolegionlinux-dkms-git, and it will provide your system with Lenovo specific drivers and power management tools (many reverse engineered). The hope is that this may help improve power usage. Read all the info on the Github page before approaching that option though.

There’s also the Arch Wiki for Lenovo laptops.

I’m sorry for mystification. The problem is the ITE device, which should be the keyboard. I left the display backlight in my previous post for comparison of the consumptions.

My laptop doesn’t get any hot what so ever.