Laptop don't shutdown if I close the lid

I’m not good in English.

I have this issue since I installed the EndeavourOS plasma version.
if I shutdown my laptop and before it fully shutdown close the lid, it will not shutdown.
in this situation, laptop is not shutdown, and its not even usable and the only way is to force shutdown using power button.

this happened to me just in plasma. I had the Qtile version before and it never happened.

I don’t know if this is a plasma issue or EndeavourOS issue.

Have you tried looking at Settings>System Settings>Power Management? If not, give it a try and see if the problem gets fixed.

Also, wouldn’t hurt to run all the updates, if this is a new installation.

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Hi, @smjt2000 , I think you should try @skynetsense suggestion. Have a look at what action is set upon closing the lid.

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it’s on sleep. what option I should use?
do nothing is good?

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then when you close the laptop lid its going to sleep. this is why it does not shutdown on lid close because its being told to go to sleep instead

Do nothing will do just that nothing. So if you have session open and close the lid nothing will happen.

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Depending on your environment, even if your laptop is fully encrypted, hackers can gain access to all the data stored on it if you leave it in sleep mode. Shutting down your laptop properly, or using hibernation and pre-boot authentication offer the best protection.

Cold boot attacks involve stealing information stored on a computer that hasn’t been shutdown properly, or left in a vulnerable sleeping state. They rely on data being left in memory.

Encryption keys and other sensitive information can then be stolen from memory and full access gained to the system. Most laptops are susceptible to such an attack, but the good news is you can prevent it from happening by taking the appropriate steps to leave your laptop in a safe state.

It is advised to always either shut down or hibernate their laptop, never just place it in sleep mode. Why hibernate instead of sleep? Because encryption keys aren’t stored in memory that way.

Again, it all depends on your environment where you leave your laptop and your security needs, but disabling sleep seems to be an extra security option you may be able to utilize if needed.

I set it on do nothing and again my laptop put to sleep.
I don’t want any special thing to happen. I just want if I want to shutdown and I close the lid, my laptop shutdown. if I want to hibernate and close the lid, hibernate…

I know but I’m always in home and nobody touch my laptop.
I never put my laptop on sleep or left it turn off and go to do some works.

How do you shut down your laptop? With the menu? Or by pressing the on/off button? If the latter, what’s the action for that button set to?

Under Settings>System Settings>Power Management > Energy Saving>When laptop lid closed (Select - Shutdown) instead of Sleep

with menu.

Under Settings>System Settings>Power Management > Energy Saving>When laptop lid closed (Select - Shutdown) instead of Sleep

Ok. I set it to shutdown, better than nothing. but sometimes I put laptop on sleep or hibernate and close the lid, it will shutdown or no?