Laptop does not resume from hibernation

That and also the fact that there is just one ESP on the drive created by the original Windows installation.

For systemd-boot, given the small size of Windows’ ESP, a new larger one (1GB) would have been created by the installer.

I just never pay attention much to that because i don’t use systemd myself. I’ve stuck with grub. So does it leave the original Windows efi partition then and create a new one on endeavourOS? Normally my installs with grub it creates it’s own efi partition on EOS depending how I’m installing it. On my desktops i tend to keep it on it’s own drive but on a laptop it’s on the same drive as Windows. But again depends on the method i use on installing it. By that i mean whether i install alongside using the installer or whether i shrink the Windows partition down and do manual partitioning. Or sometimes i like to reinstall Windows and set the size smaller than the drive and leave space at the end of the drive to create a partition outside of C: for linux. Separate from Windows but still on the same drive but not on the Windows partition or C: :wink: Which is a separate partition but still on C: if shrinking Windows partition.

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